Healthy Mouth Healthy Body

Healthy Habits

Visit your dentist regularly: Regular dental checkups help in detecting and prevention of oral and dental problems.

Brush and floss daily, even if you're tired: Work stress and busy social life and pressure of having a baby can leave one with very little time.

The IDA advises you to brush twice a day and floss,as this can help you save a lot of time and pain.

Limit fast food: eat well-balanced meals: Plan a healthy diet because junk .Junk food drains your body of all essential vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy.Plan a healthy diet

Exercise regularly: it's good for your teeth:You have to prepare your body physically for and have optimum level of fitness if you are planning a pregnancy.

Consider treating yourself to cosmetic dentistry procedures at this time rather than after being pregnant.

Remain Stress Free: Being happy,peaceful and content is the key to good health.